Monday, 28 May 2012

Just a small question.

Well maybe more than one.

So lately I have been thinking about being  woman. I mean here we all are on line peeking in to each others lives.  So why aren’t we allowed to ask? We wait eagerly for the morsels offered up, a candid photo, an overly honest post about a partner or a confession of or own humanity.
But why? Why are we writing and reading these things? You know what I think it is? I think we all want to know we aren’t different, that we did things the right way or aren’t missing out on anything and … god forbid if we are... is it worth missing? All these questions… why don’t we just ask each other?
 So I thought I’d kick it off myself. I give you full permission to ask anything you like about me and I will answer in the most honest way I know how.

So here are a few things I’ve been thinking about that I want to know about other women… If you want o share you are welcome in my space but to start with I am going to have a crack at answering them… So keep an eye out.

Why do you fall in love and do you trust yourself when you do?

How did you know when you were ready to start a family?

Do you still love your partner everyday? How can I learn? If I don’t should I leave?

While I'm thinking I am going to share with you my latest favourite tune, Hold on by the Alabama Shakes (I'm so in love)

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